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Winter 2006-7

Santa is jammed at Santacon

Fall 2006

Tompkins Scare Park. A new Halloween festival

Summer 2006

Burning Man 2006: Logan's Burn

Spring 2006

Leprechuans protest the St Patty's Parade

Winter 2005-6

Santacon's coming out party

Idiotarod: Running of the Idiotabulls

Alt.Oscar: New York's answer to the Oscars

Fall 2005

Zombiecon NYC : Brraaaannnndddsss!

Summer 2005

Burning Man: NYC at BRC

Mermaid Parade: Swamalot seeks the Grail

Spring 2005

Kostume Kult Cometh: Evolving, creating...

Star Wars 3: Standathon of the Sith

Leprecon vs. the Parade: Shenanigans aplenty

Winter 2004 - 2005

Idiotarod: Caravan of the Absurd

Santacon 2004: Disorderly Santas

Fall 2004

Decom NYC: Create-Participate

Chengwin Homecoming: Extreme sport

Halloween Marathon, 2004: Now What?

Summer 2004

Burning Man 2004: Burning Man in Retrograde

Spring 2004

Monty Python Day - The Cult of Python...

Long Black Veil - NYC's Vampire Culture

Winter 2003 - 2004

Billionaires For Bush - Liberal Street Theater

Theme Party Roundup - A winter like never before

Fall 2003

Halloween 2003 - Horror on Wheels

NBC's Today Show Halloween - Exposure guaranteed

Greenwich Village Dog Costume Contest - Dogs with Style

Summer 2003

Burning Man 2003: Beyond Belief

Spring 2003

SMack! Reloaded: Zion or the Matrix?

Chengwin's ¼ Mile Marathon: The saga continues...

Porn Clowns Take Manhattan: A unique SF to NYC roadtrip.

Winter 2003

Anti-War Day: an Event with an Opinion

LOTR-2 Film Review & Party: Middle Earth rocks Manhattan

SantaCon 2002: NYC & Boston

Fall 2002

Burning Man's NYC Decom: Enter the "Carnival-Party"

NYC Halloween Parade: Tradition vs. Commercialism

Summer 2002

Burning Man's Floating World: Where Geek meets Chic

NCA Convention: The low-down on the hoedown

Gay Pride 2002: Proud Gay Brazilians

Chunk's Wedding: Inter-species love

Spring 2002

Star Wars Premiere: Attack of the Costumers

What's a LARP? - Fantasy in the Woods

NYC Easter Parade - Costumery and Christianity

Winter 2002

Chicago's Halloween Trade Show - Like no other...

SMack's Sci-Fi Fetish Event - X-Treme Fashion

Lord of the Rings Opening Night - D-Day in Middle Earth

SantaCon '01 - Saucy Santas Spread Cheer

Fall 2001

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade - Lady Liberty in Kevlar

NYC's Burning Man Decompression Party... NY Burners Come of Age

NYC Halloween Parade - The spookiest Halloween ever...

Summer 2001

Burning Man 2001 - Full Moon at Black Rock City

New York Renaissance Faire - There's no time like the past...

Coney Island's Mermaid Parade - New York's wildest summer costume party

NYC's Gay Pride Parade - What part of equal don't you understand?

Spring 2001

The Million Chengwin March - Warring half-breed siblings

Earth Celebrations' Spring Procession - Spring time costuming for a community cause

Burning Man's NYC Benefit Party... Building a Manhattan embassy for artists and other unique souls.

Lunacon Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention - A medieval, sci-fi convention...

Winter 2001

NYC St. Pat's Parade - Be green, be seen.

Twelfth Night Masquerade Ball - A Chicago event shrouded in mystery...

Earth Celebrations' Winter Pageant - Costuming for a Cause

SantaCon - Drunken and demented Santas invade NYC.

Fall 2000

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Mascot Mayhem in NY's largest parade.

Costume Network's Launch - Guerilla marketing and many laughs.

The History of Halloween - From Paganism to Escapism

The growing trend of Halloween in Paris - Mon Dieu! C'est terrible!

Summer 2000

Burning Man - A vacation from the ordinary.

Clown Fest - Young at heart, en masse…

Fire Island Invasion - The Grove vs. the Pines on July 4th.

Renaissance Faires - The History of Renaissance Faires… Coming to a shire near you.